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Grand Opening of Rusty Jack's store in Hubbard, Ohio next to Diana's Gift Shop !

June 1, 2017

Please stop by the Grand Opening of Rusty Jack's store in Hubbard, Ohio next to Diana's Gift Shop !
Posting the Grand Opening (Saturday, June 3rd. from 11 - 3) for my gift shop's neighbor biz as they are not online.
*Rusty Jack's made the sauces and relishes... for several local restaurants and now YOU can buy them for yourselves ;)
**When you go on Saturday, stop by here as well and spend at least $10 here to get 10% off as we also want to join in to make their welcome to Hubbard event huge and your day more fun !
I can't wait to try more things from there - love the roasted garlic salsa.
Make sure to also stop by the other 2 stores in the building as well = Diana's Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop and Underdog Records and see our friends across the street at Boss Recording Studio and Yaya's as well :)
All 5 are local businesses by local folks !

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