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More information for Cash Mob day at Diana's Gift Shop

May 15, 2014

Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop on facebook) is the May, 2014 Youngstown (My shop was included as it is so close to Y-town) Cash Mob winner !

 If you haven't been in our little gift shop lately - you're missing out on a fun Treasure Hunt
 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road
 Hubbard, Ohio 44425 
 Open noon-5 on Wednesday and Sunday
 Open 10-5 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

 * This month's Cash Mob day is: Saturday, May 24 from 10am to 5pm * If you cannot stop in on the Cash Mob day to be one of the shoppers, please stop in to visit our little Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop whenever you can to shop and to show that you support little, local, family owned stores.

 A "Cash Mob" is a group of local folks who want to see small, local shops survive and go to a different Brick & Mortar shop each month with cash-in-hand to mob the store with cash by buying at least one thing from that shop.

 It is a Cash Mob suggestion that each person try to spend $20 on that visit, but in our area where times have been hard - if you can only spare $10, that's still great !
 If $10 if tough at this time, please go anyway and do what you can - every dollar will help to support a local shop :)

 Also, please spread the word about this little, local shop as creating a buzz about us would be a big help as well !

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