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How to have an Old Fashioned yet Green Wedding - or any other Event

February 27, 2010

Are you or someone you know planning a wedding (or any event) and want to make GREENer choices ?

I know - not everything can easily be 100% GREEN and not everyone wants to be either, but how about taking just a few steps toward being more environmentally friendly.

Would you if it were EASY and might even cost less too ?

Here I give several options for GREENer choices - pick one or use them all depending on what you want to do and you can do.

Tags: earth friendly ideas, green, green events, green ideas, green wedding, how to, planning a wedding, wedding, wedding plans

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Update to my February 6 post about dog items and other discount pet supplies

February 14, 2010

I have some cat and dog leashes, a few cute outfits for small dogs, a few other odds and ends for dogs, and lots of dog collars (and a few cat collars) in my eCRATER store.

I have adorable designs in dog shirts in my Zazzle store - Here's one:
I will be designing more.

Oh, and I have my body balms that I use on my and all of my pets' dry spots:

 *For any local folks, don't forget about Petzie's store on Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio  - she has discount pet supplies too.

Tags: cats, designer dog clothes, discount, discount pet supplies, dog collars, dogs, pet supplies, pets

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discount pet supplies

February 6, 2010

Well, she doesn't want to do consignment now so it looks like I will be selling my extras online.
I'll post an update when I have it set up.

Do you know anyone who needs dog collars, dog leashes, dog harnesses, training collar links, dog outfits for small dogs, tiny kitten harnesses... ?
This stuff is very nice. It is all new, but because it was hanging in a store, some of it got a little dusty and some of the packages have sun fade.  So, I will be selling it all at a discount.

Please send them my way ;)

Tags: collars, discount pet stuff, dog clothes, dog collars, leashes

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Pet Stuff for sale in Hubbard Ohio and beyond ;)

February 3, 2010

I just in got a whole big box that is full of dog stuff because I couldn't pass it up for the price Wink

I needed some new harnesses, leashes, and new toys... for my 2 Beagles and went searching the web.  I found someone who was closing their pet store and I got this whole box of dog harnesses, dog collars, dog leashes, dog toys, dog outfits and dog coats for small dogs, and other dog stuff !
There was some cat collars and cat leashes too.
I am going to see if my cousin's girlfriend who runs the new store at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio called "Petzie's - Pet Stuff - Gift Shop - Books and So Much More" wants to put my extras in her store on consignment.
If not, I will start my own little online store for them.

 I am also sewing a few cat toys by hand.  I am using some fake fur that I have and I will stuff them with real catnip.


Don't forget, I also make a nice pet soap.  I am just about out of it right now, but will be making more soon.

Tags: cat toys, cats, collars, dog soap, dog stuff, dogs, leashes, pet soap, pet stuff, pets, toys

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