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Diana's Gift Shop - big sign going up

December 21, 2013

Ron's Sign Shop in Hubbard, Ohio made the panels for my outside sign pole - my landlord put them up today.

   Diana'sGift Shop - big sign almost done photo Dianasgiftshopsign-bigsignalmostdone_zpsc3bb0a6e.jpg

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Diana's Gift Shop - newest web page

December 21, 2013

August 1st. will be my 2nd anniversary for the gift shop

June 25, 2012

There will be a special write-up in The News Of Hubbard local Hubbard newspaper around the end of July in celebration of my 2 year anniversary of taking it over to keep it open for my Mom.

It should be a nice article !

Thanks to our wonderful supportors - keep on telling folks about us !

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The latest news for Diana's Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop

July 7, 2010

Hi everybody !
I hope you are staying cool this week.
This heat is terrible !
I've been making more sachets, eye mask pillows and neck pillows and will be making more of my body balms and solid perfumed creams along with other things that are about sold out ASAP.
I have been trying to restock my store because after the NYT article came out on June 10th I am selling out of many things and now I have a waiting list for the perfumed creams, but you know how it goes - something always gets in the way and I have to do things for everyone else or it is just too hot to work.
But, I will be back on track soon I hope.
I have been listing crochet and knitting booklets in my online store and will be listing older sewing patterns on my ebay page (I go by diana3herbs on ebay) starting today and then later in my online store below as well.
I think I will be starting a bigger booth where my Mom is set up with her vintage jewelry and gifts... because the vendor who had half of the...

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Hometown success for Diana's All Natural and hand sewn products

December 20, 2009

Diana's Hand-Sewn and All Natural Products are getting even more popular and are getting more notice locally too !

Diana's Hand-Sewn and All Natural Products are getting even more local recognition.
Another local Hubbard, Ohio store has asked me to bring in a display of my All Natural handmade products and some of my hand sewn items to sell them in her downtown store right in the center of town.

This lady has a store in town with furniture and other things - she also does interior design...
She found my website and emailed me last week about putting some of my things in her store !
I emailed her back and will go to meet with her next week or so to talk about it.
I hope she knows that it is JUST me and not a whole crew that makes my things and that my hand-sewn items take time and are one-of-a-kind.

I am putting together a nice display of a little bit of everything so she can see them up close and then we will talk percentages and we will go from there.

This is so exciting !

The only problem is that I have been so... [More]

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Did anyone see the article in the Business Journal ?

November 12, 2008

I do not get the paper.

Did anyone see the article about my shop and my custom gift baskets in the Youngstown Business Journal ?

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