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December 9, 2013

This was a video interview from January, 2013 showing off our gift shop:

Mom hadn't been able to work with me at the gift shop for a few months as the cancer and treatments made her so tired, but she made a special trip to be here for this video interview to support me and our gift shop.
It was the last time that she was able to come in.  :(

Mom lost her battle with cancer on March, 25, 2013.

I am so happy to have her included in this video - if only for a few seconds.

I love you and miss you Mom and I'm trying to make our gift shop one of THE best local places to shop ;)

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More soaps almost ready to list in my online store.

November 28, 2008

Soon, the fruity soap I made to match Mom's perfume will be cured and dry enough to list.   It smells so good !

My patchouli soap is about ready to wrap and list as well as the star anise soap.    I decorated the star anise soap with whole seed pods and seeds too.   Of course, the decorations have to be removed before the soap is used.

These should be listed in another week or two.

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Mom loved her perfume !

November 8, 2008

I gave my Mom some of the perfume I made for her and she LOVED it !

It took a very long time to complete because of the amount of blossoms I had to pick, dry and infuse in oil.

Then I dried some of my peaches, plums... and added an infusion of that blend too.

Tags: handmade perfume, mom, perfume, perfume for mom

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Delicate Magnolias

April 25, 2008

I spent an hour or so this morning harvesting magnolia flowers so that I can then dry them and infuse them in oil for a solid perfume.

I will have to gather another big basketfull or so more to have enough for even just one small batch of perfume - between 2 to 3 cups.

Magnolia has such a delicate scent.    I am still pondering what I will infuse with it in order to come up with a scent blend.

Ooooh, maybe I'll blend them with peach bossoms and chamomile blossoms.     I may try this out and if it works - I will make this my Mom's signature blend - only with her blessing of course.     I have been wanting to make a perfume for my Mom, but it has been tough because she is very sensitive to most flowers.    This blend however should be more on the fruity side with just a hint of floral notes.

As usual, this will be an all-natural handcrafted product - made by me - an Organic gardener.

Tags: magnoila, magnolia flowers, magnolia perfume, mom, natural beauty, natural perfume, perfume, perfume for mom

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My Mom

April 22, 2008

We got some horrble news yesterday.

My Mom found out that she has cancer in several places.

At first, I was just devastated !

But then  I remembered just how strong she is.     So, I have come to believe that she can beat this - again.

My Mom is a fighter and loves her life too much to let this beast win.

My family has been through so much this last 12  1/2 years, but it has all brought us closer and taught us how much we need each other.

Tags: cancer, family, life, mom

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