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Show that you love a local library and get rewarded !

February 24, 2017

17 local folks bring in things from Vintage to New and Handmade too !

Stop by and show us your current library card from any local library and then get 10% off of any regularly priced items.

Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop on facebook)

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Wednesday/Sunday noon - 5

Thursday/Friday/Saturday 10 - 5

30-day Gift Certificates available and we offer Lay-Away too !

*in the same building as UnderDog Records.

*All sales are final

*No holds, no credit/debit cards nor checks.

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Here we are in October again, help me to honor my Mom who fought breast cancer

October 1, 2016

Stop out at Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop - on facebook) 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road to help us to spread awareness of breast cancer in honor of my Mom who fought it for over 16 years until it won  :(

Please see the post below to get the details.

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, gifts, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio

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Help us to keep helping in the fight against cancer

March 1, 2016

March 25th will be 3 years that cancer took my Mom :( 
As I have every year, I will set aside 10% of the sales on anything in Mom's vintage jewelry & glassware booth during the month to be used so that our gift shop can keep helping in the effort to bring awareness to this disease.
Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop - on facebook) at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Our Hubbard, Ohio gift shop has 17 different vendors who bring in everything from vintage jewelry; crocheted items for baby and grown-ups; a variety of collectibles and knick-knacks; a book corner with good used books and quite a few vintage and new cookbooks; $1 nail polish and even vintage kitchen items and home decor... .

Tags: cancer, fundraiser, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio

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News Of Hubbard weekly newspapers can be found here

October 26, 2015

My gift shop (Diana's Gift Shop at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio) is a drop-off spot for one of the free Hubbard area newspapers "The News Of Hubbard" and you are welcome to stop by on Thursday mornings (or after) and get a copy while they last.
Besides local news, it lists local garage sales; events and usually even a coupon for my gift shop.
No need to shop if you are in a hurry and just want a copy of the paper.

See the "about" tab on our fan page for days and hours and other information:

Tags: hubbard, hubbard events, hubbard news, hubbard newspaper, hubbard ohio, hubbard ohio events, local news, news, newspaper, ohio

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Locally made dog treats in Hubbard, Ohio gift shop

May 13, 2015

Locally made, natural dog treats using REAL food (people safe food) as the ingredients !
(Sale = $6.00 a bag) are in the Dreaming Dog Bakery booth here at
Diana's Gift Shop in Hubbard, Ohio
6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road
 Wednesday/Sunday noon-5
 Thursday/Friday/Saturday 10-5
 When you stop by for your Treasure Hunt looking for vintage jewelry; glassware; VHS videos; records; hand-sewn pampering goods; hand-crocheted items; vintage kitchen goods and home decor..., pick up something for your fur babies too   cool



Tags: dianas gift shop, dog, dog toys, dog treats, hubbard, hubbard ohio, hubbard ohio gift shop, ohio, pet stuff, pet treats

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Visit our Book corner at Diana's Gift Shop !

May 7, 2015

We have a little book shop in our gift shop !
It has been here for 5+ years - since we opened.
We have 1,000's and refill the shelves as they sell.  
*No, I do not have a list of what is on the shelves or in storage and I am here by myself so cannot search for you - you have to explore the shelves for yourself - that's the fun part anyway  :)
We have books from new to vintage and from cookbooks to how-to... - it is one of my favorite sections of the shop !
We are slowly putting them online as well.
Diana's Gift Shop:
6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio
Stop by for your Treasure Hunt
NO credit/debit card or check
*closed Monday and Tuesday
Open noon-5 on Wednesday and Sunday
Open 10-5 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Not local ?  We have many items online as well:


(has a little bit of almost everything, like our gift shop)

Tags: book, books, cookbook, dianas gift shop, gift, gift shop, hubbard, hubbard ohio gift shop, new books, ohio, shopping in hubbard, things to do in hubbard, used books

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Thank you ! Thank you !

December 27, 2014

Thank you to those who are helping by "sharing" my links and for those who are helping by donating !
Here’s the #gofundme link:
Here is a page that I wrote several years ago about it - with updates too:

Tags: gofundme, help, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio, thanks

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My poor, historic old house needs some help so I've set up a GoFundMe page

July 26, 2014

I have waited as long as I could and have tried to save for this myself, but my health keeps getting worse, the medical bills keep coming and the roof/house is getting worse with each rainy day :(

I really hated having to set up this page and ask for help, but I am out of options
Please “share” with any groups and people who might like to help save my old house – one of the oldest homes in Hubbard, Ohio.

Here’s the #gofundme link:

Here is a page that I wrote several years ago about it - with updates too: 


Tags: fundraising, gofundme, had to swallow my pride, help, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio, save my house

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2 Much Stuff - a great new Hubbard, Ohio store

July 16, 2012

About 6 months ago, one of our customers who became a good friend began renting the little store right next to mine in the same little plaza.

She just opened it up this past Friday - July 13, 2012.

It is just so cute and she has so much to see.  Please stop by both of our little Hubbard, Ohio stores when you can to show some support.

Tags: hubbard, hubbard ohio, local, ohio, shop, shopping, store

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Have you "liked" the Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop on facebook yet ?

May 21, 2011

Find the Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop - located at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road - on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hubbard-Ohio-Gift-Shop/141863192506059

Hit the "like" button to be able to get the latest updates and news...

Tags: facebook, gift shop, gifts, hubbard, hubbard ohio, like, ohio, shopping

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Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop is doing well so far

April 1, 2011

Stop out to visit us at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio to see all the changes/additions... that we have made to the gift shop.

See my last post for a link to the website if you need a map or directions...

We still have room for 1 or two vendors as well.

Tags: hubbard, hubbard ohio, hubbard ohio gift shop, ohio

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Vendor spaces available in Hubbard Ohio Gift Store

July 16, 2010

We have a couple of vendor booth openings in Hubbard Ohio at our store at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio starting this week !
So, if you or someone you know wants to start a booth or expand a business into the Hubbard, Ohio area - let me know and we can set up an appointment.

* We will only take one vendor of each type of items - a little overlap is fine, but I want to be fair to all vendors.

Here is a page I made a while back (I will be making changes to it as the Petzie's booth is leaving - and I will add the new vendors info when it is appropriate) with some photos:
Please let me know if you are someone you know is thinking about setting up so we can make an
appointment to stop by to talk to me for a tour and to get the details.

I do not have my papers in front of me, but if I remember
correctly it is something like this:
We will have room for one or two small booths (about 6x8) at about $100 a month) and 2 large ones...


Tags: booth space, gifts, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio, rent a space, rental space, sales, vendor space, youngstown, youngstown ohio

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Great local article about my handmade items

March 8, 2010

Remember when I told you all about the local Hubbard Ohio store owner who found me online a few months ago and asked me to bring in some of my things to possibly include them in her store on consignment ?
 That local store was Fabulous Interiors in Hubbard, Ohio and she loved ALL of it and kept it all to display in her store.
I was so happy about that !

And now...

She just sent me a write-up that she put on her blog about my items because she said she LOVES my stuff.  
Here's the link to her write-up here on my blog: http://organicgiftsbydiana.blogspot.com/2010/03/read-article-about-my-handmade-items.html

Tags: articles, fabulous interiors, handmade, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio, press, raves, reviews

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Fabulous Interiors store in Hubbard, Ohio

January 2, 2010

At her request, I took several of my handmade items to Fabulous Interiors store in Hubbard, Ohio and she will display all of them in her store and sell them on consignment for me !

What a beautiful store she has !
If you are near to Hubbard, you really must stop by to see the pretty designs and the wonderful furniture... .

She does the painting and design (She also will help you with your design for a small fee)  while her husband does the upholstering.

She and her husband are very much into recycling as I am so we really hit it off.

I am so proud to have some of my things in her store !

Tags: consignment, fabulous interiors, furniture, hubbard ohio, ohio, recycle, recycling, reuse, shopping in hubbard ohio

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Stevenson's Inn and Restaurant in Masury Ohio

November 28, 2009

We stopped at http://StevensonRestaurant.com in Masury, Ohio on Friday for lunch and it was SO GOOD !

We had the fried fish sandwich and the grilled chicken sandwich.

I had their slightly spicy homemade clam chowder - a little unusual, but so tasty !

I highly recommend this place for lunch and we will be going back - often  Cool

 Stevenson's Inn and Restaurant in Masury Ohio
- a local restaurant in Northeast Ohio for good food at a good price with good service too !
The perfect combination  Wink

Organically Yours,

Tags: clam chowder, eat local, good food, local food, local restaurant, masury, masury ohio, ohio, stevenson inn restaurant

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Visit Hubbard, Ohio for Gifts and Collectibles...

October 16, 2009

Hubbard, Ohio now has a new store that is filled with Gifts and Collectibles

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road Hubbard, OH 44425
(You can see a map in the next post below)

Hubbard, Ohio now has a place to shop for Vintage Jewelry including crystal and old rhinestone jewelry..., gifts, glassware, collectibles...
A brand new pet supplies business called Petzie's that offers pet supplies at a discount price.
Books and Videos that are new and gently used, handmade soap, floral arrangements, vintage glassware...

Gypsy Queen Media has a whole room of books and some videos in her Backroom Bookroom.
Look for the special children's books and children's videos section !
Kids love to be able to browse on their own and with Gypsy Queen Media's seperate kids book and videos section - you can let your children look for a special book or video without worry that they might pick up a scary movie by accident  ;)

Also, they will have sidewalk sales on nice days to give you an even bigger bargain !

When you buy Vintage jewelry, a piece of beautiful old glassware, a good used book or video...  you not only save money, but you are helping to save our...


Tags: book store, childrens books, discount store, gift shop, gifts, handmade gifts, hubbard, hubbard gift shop, hubbard ohio, hubbard ohio book store, hubbard ohio gift shop, jewelry store, ohio, ohio bookstore, ohio gift shop, pet supplies, petzies, rare books, videos, vintage, vintage gifts, vintage jewelry

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The Hubbard Flea Market has moved !

October 5, 2009

The Hubbard Flea Market has moved up the road and is about a mile closer to town now.

Stop by between 9am and 4:30pm on Wednesdays/Saturdays/Sundays (more days coming soon) to see what's new and to give them a warm welcome.

It is now located at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road - next to Dotty's Beauty Shop and UnderDog Records - just before Bell-Wick Road (on the right side of Youngstown-Hubbard Road). 

Map to Hubbard Flea Market: See map to the Hubbard Flea Market in Hubbard, Ohio

For great gifts, vintage jewelry, used and old books and videos at great prices, handmade items, pet supplies...
Stop out to see these good folks.

Tags: books, flea market, gifts, hubbard, hubbard ohio, hubbrad flea market, hubbrad ohio flea market, ohio, ohio flea market, pet supplies, videos, vintage jewelry

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Only a few days left until the Girl's Night Out in Mill Creek Park fundraiser

May 24, 2009

The big show at Fellow's Riverside Gardens at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio is coming up very soon !

I will be in the Davis Center building - lower level.
See you all there at 5:30pm on he 28th of May.

I am still trying to get ready for it.
I've been making up extra products, making signs and slowly packing things away in an organized manner (as much as I can muster - LOL).

This has been exciting and exhausting too !

Tags: davis center, fellows riverside gardens, girls night out event, mill creek park, ohio, youngtown, youngtown ohio

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Spring Fever is here !

March 19, 2009

Hello again everyone !
 I hope you are all enjoying getting ready for Spring.
We have been.

My lilacs are getting ready to burst into bloom and I can't wait because I have a waiting list for my lilac soap and this year, i want to try my hand at a lilac perfume with them too.    I will take a ton of blossoms to infuse into my oils to capture the scent, but it will be worth it.

I also see my crocus is up and many other flowers and herbs are starting to peek their heads out of the dirt now.

This is going to be a very busy year for me.
I was invited to appear at a fundraiser for our local botanical garden - Fellow's Riverside Garden at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio and they asked me to bring lots of my products too.
The person in charge said that their focus this year is on natural health and wellness so she wanted my products to be showcased for the hundreds of patrons to have access to.

The event is called Girls Night Out and it is at the end of May.

I am so busy trying...


Tags: flowers, fundraiser, girls night out, herbs, lilac perfume, lilac soap, lilacs, natural products, ohio, spring, youngstown, youngstown ohio

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Diana's Gift Shop is getting noticed !

March 11, 2009

I have been invited to show my all natural products and handmade items at a Youngstown, Ohio fundraiser for our local botanical garden.

Here's more information :


I hope you can all attend !

Tags: botanical garden, fundraiser, handmade, local, natural, ohio, organic, youngstown

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