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2 Much Stuff - a great new Hubbard, Ohio store

July 16, 2012

About 6 months ago, one of our customers who became a good friend began renting the little store right next to mine in the same little plaza.

She just opened it up this past Friday - July 13, 2012.

It is just so cute and she has so much to see.  Please stop by both of our little Hubbard, Ohio stores when you can to show some support.

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Room scenting pillows

August 15, 2008

These decorate your room and softly scent it too !

I just listed 6 of them in my online store.

These 6 will be fine alone or they will coordinate very well together.

3 of them have lavender buds inside only and 3 of them have lavender buds- rose petals - lilac flowers inside for the scent.

As usual, if you want several items from my store shipped to you - email me and I will add in a little extra something as a thank you to compensate for the shipping charges.   There is no way to combine shipping as of yet on the shopping site - so I like to add in a little gift to make up for it somewhat.

Again, for the local folks who do not need shipping - email me with what you want and when you will come to pick it up.   Then I can remove it from my online store.

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progress made on getting more items listed

August 11, 2008

I have several eye masks/pillows made up and just measured them.

I also measured the few neck pillows, dream/room scenting pillows (larger and smaller ones both), and sachets that i have made.

I will try to write up the descriptions and maybe even get some of them listed on my BiSi shopping site on Wednesday.

Organically yours,


My virtual storefront:
My main website :
My Squidoo :

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My -Buy It Sell It- virtual store

March 27, 2008

I now have a virtual store. You can shop online or just see what is in stock and ready for purchase at my shop. Here it is: http://organicgiftsbydiana.mybisi.com/

* If you choose to order online and have your package shipped to you, see below:

Shipping cost includes a small handling fee.

There are no returns so read item descriptions carefully and look over photos provided.

As with any other product, if you are allergic to any ingredient included in one of my products - do not use it.

I reserve the right to postpone shipping of my products due to weather conditions - ie - I will not ship my balms... during a heatwave for fear of them being a melted mess upon arrival.

I do use delivery confirmation on my packages so that I will know when your package safely arrives at your door.

I am not responsible for your package after it leaves my hands. The Postal service is to be contacted if they damage or lose a package.
If you would like postal insurance on your package, it will cost extra - just ask and I will invoice you for the difference.

Please note: Due to the...


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Neck Pillows, Eye masks/Pillow and sachets just added to my shopping page !

March 19, 2008

I just added several of these that I made from a black and white soft fleece fabric.

These are all hand-sewn and have real lavender buds inside.

So far I have 36 of my products listed in my store and many more to come.

Don't forget, if you are local you can make arrangements to buy these items in person and save yourself some shipping money.

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I just finished a batch of "Rescue My Skin" balm

March 5, 2008

I have it all poured into containers and will list them on my shopping pages in the morning.

To shop online for any my products, go here:

My vitual store : http://organicgiftsbydiana.mybisi.com/

Tags: balm, catalog, dry skin, dry skin balm, dry skin salve, rescue my skin balm, salve, shop, shopping, shopping page

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Shopping pages and a shopping cart coming soon to my website !

August 15, 2007

Hello to my Family and Friends,
I have great news !
Please watch my website.  
I will be finally selling my soaps, crafts, Vintage items ... on it soon.  
I am in the process of getting some of the pages done now and then I will have to get them up on my website.
I should have a few of the shopping pages and the shopping cart up in a few weeks or so.
I would appreciate it if you would spread the word to your friends and family.

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