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2 Much Stuff - a great new Hubbard, Ohio store

July 16, 2012

About 6 months ago, one of our customers who became a good friend began renting the little store right next to mine in the same little plaza.

She just opened it up this past Friday - July 13, 2012.

It is just so cute and she has so much to see.  Please stop by both of our little Hubbard, Ohio stores when you can to show some support.

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Want your OWN online store ?

November 9, 2009

Here's How to get your OWN online store

 Do you have a special talent for making items and have thought about starting your own online store ?
 Or , do you have so much stuff that you should be selling instead of shopping ?
On this page, I show you where to get an online store and where to look for help in building your business.


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I have been featured on blog - The Selling Lounge

November 2, 2008

They included almost ALL of this !


Here is a bit of my story :

I started making my own products because I wanted all natural/Organic products and I either could not find the ones I wanted or they were very expensive and most of them STILL had stuff in them that I did not want to use.

Several folks found out about my products and wanted some, then it became a business as more and more people wanted my all natural products.

Diana = I am a mom, an organic gardener, I LOVE herbs and herbal healing, I cook from scratch most of the time, I am a big recycler, I have lots of animals/pets, I collect vintage Singer sewing machines - especially old treadles - but I mostly sew by hand as it is very therapeutic (there is something wonderful about holding fabric in your hands and creating something fabulous with it), I do hand embroidery when I have a little time just because I enjoy it and it reminds of me the time I spent with my Grandma, I own a little gift shop and I specialize in all natural products and vintage items.

For my...


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Neck Pillows, Eye masks/Pillow and sachets just added to my shopping page !

March 19, 2008

I just added several of these that I made from a black and white soft fleece fabric.

These are all hand-sewn and have real lavender buds inside.

So far I have 36 of my products listed in my store and many more to come.

Don't forget, if you are local you can make arrangements to buy these items in person and save yourself some shipping money.

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