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December 9, 2013

This was a video interview from January, 2013 showing off our gift shop:

Mom hadn't been able to work with me at the gift shop for a few months as the cancer and treatments made her so tired, but she made a special trip to be here for this video interview to support me and our gift shop.
It was the last time that she was able to come in.  :(

Mom lost her battle with cancer on March, 25, 2013.

I am so happy to have her included in this video - if only for a few seconds.

I love you and miss you Mom and I'm trying to make our gift shop one of THE best local places to shop ;)

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My youngest won an award for her essay about her "African American" hero

March 14, 2009

We just got back from an award luncheon for the first and sceond place winners in each elementary grade for several schools in the area.

Each of the first place winners read their essay at the podium.

My youngest won first place for her grade at her school.

Hubby forgot to charge the video camera so I got what I could on my camera.   It will take short little 1 minute videos so I got the first minute and then the very end of it, but missed the middle because I had to wait for my camera to finish processing the first part before I could take the second video.

She did such a good job on her essay and at the podium - I am VERY proud of her !!!


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