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Two Hubbard, Ohio stores having sidewalk sales

September 3, 2012

My store, Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop on facebook) and the store next to me called 2 Much Stuff are having sidewalk sales to clearance out our extra stuff !

Stop by to see how much you can save and have fun shopping too.

We both have so much to offer in new, vintage and handmade items !

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How are YOU trying to be more Green ?

December 25, 2009

Trying to be Green can be so tough !

Just finding the materials to make my handmade items - that are both organic AND as local as possible to avoid using so much transportation and fossil fuels... is impossible for some things.

I use my homegrown (in my organic gardens) herbs and flowers and buy organic fabrics whenever possible for my items.

Finding local organic fabric is tough, so I use quite a bit of vintage fabrics to make my hand-sewn items - at least it is keeping it out of a landfill and I am not buying any new non-organic fabrics.

I also use vintage buttons, trims, lace...

To me, using vintage fabrics and notions is not only being Green, but it also gives handmade items an extra special something too.

Handmade AND Vintage = Beautiful, Useful, and Green too !

Organically Yours,

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Visit Hubbard, Ohio for Gifts and Collectibles...

October 16, 2009

Hubbard, Ohio now has a new store that is filled with Gifts and Collectibles

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road Hubbard, OH 44425
(You can see a map in the next post below)

Hubbard, Ohio now has a place to shop for Vintage Jewelry including crystal and old rhinestone jewelry..., gifts, glassware, collectibles...
A brand new pet supplies business called Petzie's that offers pet supplies at a discount price.
Books and Videos that are new and gently used, handmade soap, floral arrangements, vintage glassware...

Gypsy Queen Media has a whole room of books and some videos in her Backroom Bookroom.
Look for the special children's books and children's videos section !
Kids love to be able to browse on their own and with Gypsy Queen Media's seperate kids book and videos section - you can let your children look for a special book or video without worry that they might pick up a scary movie by accident  ;)

Also, they will have sidewalk sales on nice days to give you an even bigger bargain !

When you buy Vintage jewelry, a piece of beautiful old glassware, a good used book or video...  you not only save money, but you are helping to save our...


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Latest Auction Finds...

January 22, 2007

I was able to get stackable mini tables.   They came in sets of 3 - with the largest ones being 20 X 20 " cubes.   One of the 3 sets had the smallest one missing, but I still got a great deal on these.   I used one set to display my latest vintage find.    I bought 2 boxes of  "new"  old stock - meaning they are unused, but vintage - handbags.    These purses are in perfect shape and range from a classic 50's & 60's style to the crazy 80's look.

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This week's auction finds

December 14, 2006

I bought 2 cedar wardrobes to store my vintage linens...  and my clothing designs.

I also bought an old dresser in which to store my towels, washcloths, sheets and pillowcases... .   I love it.   The top needs some work, but it has great style and usability.

I still need some more sturdy shelves.

Well, there's always next week. LOL

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Unique uses for Vintage items

December 1, 2006

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